Mossy Stories

From Real Customers


For Ricardo:
Ricardo has been coming to Mossy for years. Because when Mossy Automotive Group says you'll DRIVE BETTER FOR LESS - they mean with their SERVICE department too! Not only does Ricardo get BETTER service, he loves the extra mile Mossy goes with their convenient service shuttle that takes him right to the beach! So he can surf while he waits!
For James:
This was the 5th vehicle purchased/leased through Mossy. Great experiences, no hype, no pressure, really friendly people.
For The Sanchez Family:
It wasn't long ago that the Sanchez Family received happy news from MOSSY. They originally came into the dealership just to enter a contest to win a new TV. They knew they probably would not qualify for a new car. As they dropped their name in the tv ballot box - the salesman let them know he couldn't get them qualified. They left disappointed - hoping they would win the TV anyway. A few days later, not ONLY did they WIN the TV, the salesman (who had never stopped trying to get them into a new car) got them APPROVED for a loan!
For The Marlos:
The Marlos had just bought a beautiful SUV from Mossy and couldn't wait to bring it home. They had been working to trim their budget and they were overjoyed to report that Mossy had gotten them a low APR! You see the Marlos had "not so perfect" credit, but with the help of Mossy they were able to lower their interest rate substantially from their last loan! Saving them a bundle of cash!
For Joan & Wyatt:
Before Baby Wyatt was born - his pregnant mom Joann was driving her 2 seater one early fall morning and got in a little fender bender. Suddenly her little two seater didn't seem so much fun anymore and Joann needed a new, larger ride for her soon to be two children! Her sister-in-law suggested Mossy's "WE WANT TO BUY YOUR CAR" program. Mossy not only gave her an amazing trade-in price for her two-seater, but got her a great low payment on a brand new high tech Rogue!
For Brian:
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" MOSSY not only asks the question, they ANSWER it! Brian fulfilled his lifelong dream of being a mechanic with the help of MOSSY. MOSSY works with the San Diego Unified School District in educating young men and women who want to be auto mechanics. They also offer internships for high school students and provide programs that offer Automotive Technology degrees for their Mossy service employees.
For Lucy:
The Martinez family just brought their new puppy Lucy home a week before getting their new minivan from MOSSY. What they didn't know was that on the way to show Grandma the new edition to the family, Lucy was having fun in the backseat - tearing a big fluffy chunk out of the seat! Feeling their pain - Mossy took action. Mossy parts advisor Jim M. found the exact seat 30 miles away. And in NO time at all, Lucy was out of the doghouse!
For Bobby:
It's the little things that count. Bobby's Mom's car broke down on her way back from shopping for the birthday party of Bobby's dreams! Mossy's Service Department wasn't about to let Bobby down. They not only took the car in after hours - but the service advisor packed up the party and brought Bobby's Mom home. He even unloaded the car so Bobby's Mom wouldn't have to deal with anything else that day.