Mossy Auto Group joins drought efforts to help conserve water and promote awareness within the San Diego community by offering a FREE water bucket as a gift for coming in at all 14 dealership locations. (While Supplies Last)

Click HERE to see where you can pick up your FREE water bucket!

As the California drought wears on, San Diegans are finding interesting solutions to help out in our conservation efforts. One iconic name in San Diego joining this change is Mossy Automotive Group, with the MOSSY ECO BUCKET CHALLENGE.

On July 1st, 2015, the City’s mandatory watering restrictions were strengthened to limit customers to watering their outdoor landscaping for a maximum of 2 days a week, 5 minutes per day. The 5-minutes-per-day time limit does NOT apply to landscape irrigation systems using water-efficient devices or techniques, including drip and micro-irrigation systems, stream rotor sprinklers and hand watering.

Everyone in San Diego County is encouraged to stop by any of the 14 Mossy automotive dealerships throughout the county to pick up a FREE bucket to use in their water-saving efforts while supplies last. It is all a part of the Mossy Eco Bucket Challenge. These buckets can be used creatively to save thousands of gallons of water each year countrywide.

Collected water can be used in many resourceful ways around the house. Fresh water can be used for cooking like boiling pastas or eggs and can also be used to clean dishes or for brushing teeth. Gray water, or water that has been used, but does not contain harmful chemicals or contaminants can also be utilized. This includes bathwater, dishwater, and even the water from a washing machine provided no chemical detergents are used. This water can be used for indoor or outdoor plants.

It is possible to flush a toilet using fresh or gray water simply pouring water from the bucket into toilet tank. Just take off the lid, pour the water, and watch the toilet flush itself! Not only is it saving water, it is a fun science experiment to entertain the kids (or yourself) while teaching a valuable lesson about saving our most precious resource.

From Vista to Chula Vista, Mossy Automotive Group wants to do its part in bringing this drought to an end and the Mossy Eco Bucket Challenge is one way to do it. Buckets are available at every location now and county residents are encouraged to stop by during regular business hours to pick one up and join in the effort.

Every drop of water we save today is one drop that be used tomorrow and, when so few are falling from the sky these days, every drop in the bucket helps.